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Experiments have been selected from the Doing Chemistry, Microscale, and LABS series. These are available, at least partially, on-line.

Physical properties of liquids:

Microscale 5, Viscosity of Liquids
DC002, Density of Methanol versus Density of Water
DC068, Surface Tension
DC004, Densities of Warm and Cool Water
LABS16, Heat of Vaporization of Liquid Nitrogen
, Mixing Alcohol and Water
DC090, Boiling Water Under Reduced Pressure

Solutions and stoichiometry:

DC-021, Stoichiometric Double Check
DC-060, Molar Concentration
DC-071, Combining Stoichiometry
DC-102, Standardization of Acids and Bases


DC064, Solution Formation
Microscale 31, Using Solubility Rules
Microscale 23, Solubility of Ammonia
DC059, Solubility of Ammonia in Water
Microscale 24, Solution formation
Microscale 26, Polar and Nonpolar Solvents
DC065, The Effect of Temperature on Solubility
Microscale 25, Temperature and Solubility
DC058, Supersaturation


DC062, Electrical Conductivity
Microscale 27, Electrical Conductivity

Colligative Properties:

DC066, Colligative Properties
DC067, Cooling Behavior of a Solution

Related Topics:

DC-041, Hydrogen Bonds and Dipole Forces
LABS12, Soaps vs. Detergents

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