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 What's New at the Web Site?

CEPHALOPODS - A new BioLink for Chapter 28, including pictures and descriptions of the various species of the world. Cephalopods, of course, are mollusks without shells, including the squid and the octopus.

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A Welcome letter from Ken and Joe


Essays on the Process of Scientific Discovery


A Mailroom to send comments to the authors and the publisher

A statement on the coverage of Evolution in BIOLOGY TLS
And, the Highlight of the LionBook web site, an treasure trove of teaching resources and Internet links keyed directly to each Chapter of the textbook. All you have to do is to scroll down the Table of Contents, Click on the Chapter of interest, and you'll be taken to that Chapter's "home page." For each chapter you'll find a letter from the author, a file of teaching resources, a scientific update, and a page of red-hot Internet links that will take you and your students directly to places on the web relevant to the science described in the chapter. Happy web-surfing!

We hope this new site will be useful to you and to your students, and we look forward to hearing from you as to how we can make it better!

Ken Miller & Joe Levine!