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Molecular Biology Protocols

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--DNA Purification Techniques

  • DNA purification (plasmids, cosmids and p1) using Diatomaceous Earth (Bruce Roe Lab)

  • DNA purification, plasmid mini-preps, diatomaceous earth, contributed by Kyung-Soo Kim and Charles K. Pallaghy 2/10/97
  • DNA purification, bacterial-genomic, triton extraction method
  • DNA purification, bacterial-genomic via Qiagen columns
  • DNA purification, bacterial genomic, specifically Gram positive bacteria
  • DNA isolation from low melting-temperature agarose
  • Low copy plasmid purification using Qiagen Midi columns
  • Plasmid "Miniprep" Isolation: tried and true!
  • Single stranded template from pBluescript phagemid

    --DNA Transformation/Library Preparation

  • Transformation-Competent E. coli preparation

  • Cosmid packaging protocol

    --Southern/Northern Blotting

  • Southern blot-chemiluminescent detection, using Lumigen or Lumiphos (BM "Genius" system)
  • Southern blot-chemiluminescent detection, using CSPD (BM "Genius" system)

    --DNA Sequencing

  • Sequencing gel solutions
  • Sequencing gels: wedge gel performance without pouring wedge gels


  • Oligonucleotide Visualization
  • Oligonucleotide calculator: determine Tm, MW, etc. of your oligonucleotide (requires javascript enabled browser)

    --PCR and Related Methods

  • Core sample PCR: a method to re-PCR unique bands from products of mixed size
  • Cloning PCR-Generated DNA Fragments, contributed by Hugh Griffin, 7/7/95
  • Site-directed Mutagenesis using PCR, contributed by Hugh Griffin, 7/25/95
  • Reverse Transcriptase PCR, contributed by Jim Hutchins 8/25/95
  • Error Rates for Thermal Resistant DNA Polymerases

    --RNA Methods

  • Solublization of RNA in Formamide, contributed by James McCaughern-Carucci, 12/31/96
  • RNAse Protection Assay, contributed by James McCaughern-Carucci, 1/9/97
  • The "Neverfail" Northern Blot Hybridization, contributed by James McCaughern-Carucci, 10/26/97

    --Protein Electrophoresis

  • Tricine-polyacrylamide gels: for high resolution of small proteins
  • SDS-polyacrylamide gels: standard Laemmli protocol
  • Ethanol-based SDS-PAGE Coomassie Blue staining, contributed by Roger Rowlett, 9/5/97
  • Bench protocol for silver staining SDS-polyacrylamide gels, contributed by Melissa Caimano, 3/20/00

    --Protein Purification

  • Preparation of active proteins from inclusion bodies, contributed by Laurent Vuillard and Alasdair Freeman, 3/11/99

    --Autoradiography Tips

  • Intensifying Screens -- their use explained, contributed by John Attwood 12/1/97


  • Generation of Phosgene from Chloroform !

    --Other References

  • Standard Genetic Code

    --Links to other Molecular Biology Protocols and Resources

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