Pool Chemistry

Maintain all the normal pool chemistry levels as you would for any pool.  The only exception is that the AquaRite requires that you maintain 2500-3200 ppm of salt.

Most pool stores will test a sample of your pool water and provide advice about what to do to adjust the levels into the proper ranges.

As with any pool, it is important that you maintain chemical makeup of the pool water. The table on the top of page 2 summarizes the levels that are recommended by the National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI). The only special requirement for the AquaRite® is the salt level. It is important to maintain these levels in order to prevent corrosion or scaling and to ensure maximum enjoyment of the pool. Test your water periodically or take a sample to a pool store for testing. Your local pool store can provide you with the chemicals and procedures to adjust the water chemistry.  See the AquaRite Operation and Installation Manual for a more detailed description of the saturation index.

Saturation index

The saturation index (Si) relates to the calcium and alkalinity in the water and is an indicator of the pool water "balance". Your water is properly balanced if the Si is 0 ±.2. If the Si is below -0.2, the water is corrosive and plaster pool walls will be dissolved into the water. If the Si is above +0.2, scaling and staining will occur. Use the equation and chart below to determine the saturation index.

For more information about pool chemistry levels contact Aqua Collection technical support technicians at 888-921-POOL or the National Spa and Pool Institute.