Radioactive Cookies

Protecting yourself from different radiations

You are handed 4 cookies. Each one of the cookies emits radiation. As a Health Physicist, you must decide what to do with each one of the four cookies. The decisions that you make must minimize the danger of radioactive exposure to yourself. Here are the restrictions on what you can do with the cookies.

1.) You must eat one of the cookies.

2.) You must dispose of one of the cookies at a state-of-the-art radioactive waste storage facility called WIPP (you can do this for free since no one else is ever going to use WIPP). Choosing this option removes the danger of this cookie entirely.

3.) You must put one of the cookies in your pocket.

4.) You must hold one of the cookies in your hand.

A radiation survey is done on the cookies and you find out that:

-Cookie 1 is an alpha emitter.

-Cookie 2 is a beta emitter.

-Cookie 3 is a gamma emitter.

-Cookie 4 is a neutron emitter.

Make your decisions on what to do with the cookies!

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This Brainteaser contributed by Brad Gersey