What is a "mrem?"

The millirem (abbreviated "mrem") is a unit used to measure the effect of radiation on the human body. There are many types of radiation, and the "mrem" accounts for the differences among these forms and effects of radiation. The millirem is a very small measurement of radiation. For comparison, the radiation doses from several common activities are listed below. These values can also be compared to those used in the radiation dose calculator.

Activity Dose
Smoking a cigarette 14 mrem
Chest X-ray 10 - 20 mrem
Watching TV 0.5 - 1 mrem
Owning a smoke detector 0.008 mrem
Living for a year (all sources) 360 mrem

Or in other terms 1 mrem is equal to:Increasing your diet by 4%Taking a 5-day vacation in the Sierra Nevada mountains